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John J

I believe I am correct in saying that this weather station is also marketed through Jaycar as an XC0369 - and I'm about to take the second one back for replacement/Refund within the 12 month warranty period.

In both cases the base station has failed after roughly 5 months. This has occurred when the power pack supplying the units was switched off and then on to relocate the base station. On applying power the backlights flash and then nothing. Pressing the reset button in both power conditions achieves nothing.

The rain measurement also has a problem, which, I believe, is a design fault. Pulses are generated by allowing a rain bucket to trip over bringing a magnet close to a magnetic reed switch. However in heavy rain ( above 25 mm per hour, so far as I can tell - perhaps higher - the water flow on to the tipped bucket is sufficient to hold the bucket stationary resulting in no pulses that get counted. I can see no simple way to overcome this, except for altering the mouth of the collector to a smaller area and then compensating the readout with a suitable multiplication factor.

The nature of this fault points to a faulty reed switch, but in my case when the heavy rainfall stopped the unit began to provide readings again, although it was telling that they were below 25 mm per hour rain rate.

I'm also not happy that the accumulated data that has not been transferred to more permanent storage gets lost if a power break occurs - a safeguarding backup power system is need to overcome this.


John J

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