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Neil Campbell
I bought a WS3081 in 2012 and right from the start had problems, I check all leads and plugs and eventually got everything going, albeit for a few months. The UV/Lux sensor and the solar power charger are faulty, I have to put new charged batteries in every 3-4 months, if I do a reset on the solar module the UV/Lux shows on the display for a short while then disappears. I reported the fault to the Australian company I bought it from but was offered $20 to fix it myself, which I refused, this company says the WS3081 only has a 90 day warranty. I have just sent an email to FOSHK outlining the problem with the hope they may send me a new solar charger/UV/Lux sensor unit, so far no reply. Everything else performs well and I will be happy with the unit if they replace the faulty part.

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