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Neil Campbell
The HP1000 has now been going for 7 months, no problems except the occasional very high or low readings, I am hoping that the software update available from has fixed that.

The WS3081 has been transferred to a family member and seems to functioning well with the new solar module.

I have the HP1000 connected by wifi and sends it reports to IVICTORI327 is the station ID, works great unless the power is off or you lose wifi connection. All in all very happy with the HP1000 and I see that it looks like they have a HP1003 which is non wifi version.

If you have the earlier HP1000 download the update from within the product desciption on you have to select the frequency that it operates on to get the right update then transfer it to the mini SD card and unplug your station's power supply, when you power up it should download and update automatically or with a prompt. If I can do it anyone can!!

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