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I have a 39MB 433Mhz version of the HP1000. Has been running pretty solid for just on 2 years (although with abnormally high outdoor temps when in direct sunlight).

Nearly a month ago the wifi started to become unstable and in just two days the wifi died completely. Initially it failed to scan for wifi access points and now it doesn't even show the wifi setup menu options - it's like the wifi module vanished.

Out of interest I opened up the unit and found the wifi module running exceedingly hot - with a probe I measured about 70 C. A green status light on the module was flashing on and off. I found if I cooled the module (using a wrapped ice-cube) the green light would go steady, although this wasn't enough for the menu options to reappear.

I've desoldered the wifi module from the mainboard so I don't have a fire hazard hanging on my wall and I emailed FOSHK 2 weeks ago about a replacement but haven't heard back yet.

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