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It's been a while. I had given up on the wifi stability, but after recovering from thinking it was bricked after a power outage I got keen again.

After waiting a week without luck for to get back to me, I did some more research.

My HP1000 is now running 2.2.3 firmware from - they seem to be getting updates referring to wifi stability.

Anyway, I have the 433Mhz version and had to edit one of the firmware installation files _before_ the install for it to work. If you want to try, download a version, say 2.2.3, then:
1. extract onto your SD card
2. go into the "Update EasyWeather" directory
3. edit the main.ini file to change:
a. Title=HP1000 (could be anything, it's visible in Weather Underground)
b. Frequency=433M
4. flash as per the normal instructions

My unit came back up fine. As usual I needed to redo all the settings.

It's not been long enough to determine whether this fixes the wifi issues. Will try and report back in a week to let you know.

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