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Neil Campbell
Well the replacement weather station arrived from FOSHK and has been set up, it is a new model HP2000 with a few new features including a much improved hygro/temp module. I now have 2 indoor consoles running off the outdoor unit, they both work well. Setting up was a bit fiddly but if you read the instructions carefully you get there in the end. I have mounted the HP2000 in the same spot as the HP1000 and have no problems with wind or rain readings, there seems to be enough sunshine in Victoria, Australia, to keep the batteries charged but they will need replacing after a couple of years based on the HP1000. Like one of the other posters, the only time the connection by wifi to dropped out was when the Internet or the power went out. If your HP1000 has temperature spikes that eventually read 10 degrees too high then order the replacement hygro/temp from as it isn't too hard to replace the unit with 2 screws and a cable and plug. I am very happy with the assistance given by Fine Offset Electronics in Hong Kong. A second indoor control head will cost you about $70 AU I will post any problems I have with the new HP2000

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