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Ok, I'll add my 2 cents worth. You get what you pay for. I haven't experienced any of the WiFi problems the rest of you have and the reason is because I run my receiver on an independent DC supply completely isolated from the mains. The mains supply through the power pack has so much noise in it you can't expect any cheap electronics to continue to function non-stop. The only time my reporting via WiFi hangs is when the router is disrupted by either my ISP or some other external source, but this is very rare. The next point is the external unit, which is built to a price not a standard. In order to get accurate wind readings you have to put the unit in the wind. The trouble is, when you put the unit in the wind, it shakes no matter how strong your mounting is. This is enough to actually shake water out of the rain bucket before it fills, tips and activates the read switch. The temperature sensor problem is also related to supply voltage in the outdoor unit. If the NiCad batteries have any age on them the power supply voltage drops to a point where you get erroneous readings of temperature....even overnight. If you live in an area of low sunshine, this will be an even bigger problem. How to fix these problems? If you don't want to spend big dollars on a real weather station, you will need to separate the wind section from the body of the outdoor unit and put it up in the wind connected via a cable to the main unit. Make sure you put ferrite sleeves at each end of the cable with a couple of wraps in it for lightning induction suppression and plug the hole that’s left in the top of the main unit. Put the main unit where it will receive the most amounts of sun possible but out of the wind. Alternately, run the outdoor unit on a proper power supply. It is a fiddly mod but not that complex. Except for the outdoor unit problems and the batteries in my indoor unit spilling acid into the battery box, the receiver has been faultless. OS 1.0.2 firmware 1.0.5. Yes, it’s old software, but if it isn’t broken don’t fix it!

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